Grand Tokyo Group will be celebrating its 48th anniversary this year, since its foundation in 1964. We would like to thank everyone who have supported and taught us countless things in the past 48 years. Grand Tokyo Group would not have developed until now without everyone's cooperation.

When looking back at our history, it has not been an easy road after experiencing the bubble recession and Lehman Shock. However, despite this challenging economic environment, Grand Tokyo Group has steadily expanded its business in addition to its main business: amusement business,construction of buildings and distribution business.The new business area was the leisure public baths project, which accurately corresponded to the society's needs, contributing to a huge achievement.
Again, this could not have been accomplished without everyone's cooperation, and we truly appreciate it.

Now, from January 2012, we will be aiming for further growth within the new system.
All of us at Grand Tokyo Group will become together more than ever,stepping forward to the next stage in the future. With youth and vitality, we endeavor to firmly proceed our future business operation,and aim to have high society-committing activities, in order to strengthen our relationship of trust with everyone.
We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Yukie Nakajima, Grand Tokyo.,Co,Ltd. ,Chairman and CEO
Toshihiko Nakajima, Grand Tokyo.,Co,Ltd. ,President and CEO
Takehiko Nakajima, Cosmo GT.,Co,Ltd. ,President and CEO