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Buidling Business

Grand Tokyo Company's buildings are all its own property, providing a safe and comfortable commercial space or office space for rent, under our honorable building management system. All the buildings are located within 3 minutes walk from the station, making it a perfect place for stores and offices. We will continue to develop our business, aiming for contribution to urban redevelopment and regional activation.

Grand Tokyo Shibuya Building
Grand Tokyo Shibuya Building

Location: 33-1 Udagawa-cho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0042,Japan
Floors: 2 floors under ground and 9 floors above ground
Total floor area: 5,425.72 square meters
Land area: 858.64 square meters

Grand Tokyo Takadanobaba Building
Location:4-7-5 Takadanobaba,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 169-0075,Japan
Floors: 1 floor under ground and 6 floors above ground
Total floor area: 1,888.59 square meters
Land area: 310.18 square meters

Grand Tokyo Sagamihara Building
Location:24-18 Matsugae-cho,Minami-ku,Sagamihara-shi,Kanagawa 252-0313,Japan
Floors: 3 floors above ground
Total floor area: 1,161.53 square meters
Land area: 568.00 square meters

Grand Tokyo Kashiwa Building
Location:1-2-33 Kashiwa,Kashiwa-shi,Chiba 277-0005,Japan
Floors: 3 floors above ground
Total floor area: 1,352.16 square meters
Land area: 571.72 square meters

Grand Tokyo Hikarigaoka Building
Location:3-9-1 Hikarigaoka,Nerima-ku,Tokyo 179-0072,Japan
Floors:first basement floor in total (2 floors under ground and 25 floors above ground)
Total floor area: 772.37 square meters
Land area: 73.47 square meters